How is NanoVapor Biotech Helping to Prevent the Spread of Covid-19?

No matter what your local requirements are for safe reopening of your business, school or municipal office, the health and safety of your employees, students and guests are always going to be your top priority. But daily or even hourly cleaning of surfaces is expensive, time-consuming and ultimately ineffective, once the next person comes into contact with it.

Covid-19 Disinfecting Services

 We Can Help

NanoVapor Biotech and Omnisol can help meet CDC criteria for sanitizing and disinfecting your spaces, and our innovative solution keeps working long after it is applied. Turn any environment into self-disinfecting surfaces with our unique chemistry, inspired by nature.

  • Eliminates and inhibit the growth of bacteria
  • Lasts for longer than regular disinfectants
  • Water-based formula is safe and non-toxic for humans
  • Protective coating can be bonded to almost any surface
Covid-19 Sanitation Services

Surface Cleanliness

Disease-causing microorganisms can stay alive on surfaces for hours or even days. Most chemical disinfectants generally lose their effectiveness soon after they are applied. This makes it nearly impossible to decontaminate and protect surfaces over a long period of time, especially where large numbers of people are concentrated or in transit.

To reduce the spread of disease by surface touch, chemical disinfection would need to be applied constantly. This approach is not only impractical, that many chemicals in a short amount of time would be toxic to the public. Our innovative treatment solutions create an invisible shield that obstructs the growth of bacteria  and helps prevent the growth and spread for long periods of time without reapplication.

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