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DSQ 10
Hospital-Grade Disinfection

We are excited to offer DSQ 10, a multipurpose solution for facilities where safety and sanitation are the highest
priority. This EPA-registered disinfectant, fungicide, mildewstat and virucide can be applied to floors, walls and other institutional surfaces in hospitals as DSQ10 Disinfectant For Hospital, nursing homes, schools, food-service and -preparation areas and other areas for the safety of employees as well as patients or customers and the public.

In its diluted form, DSQ 10 for DSQ 10 Disinfectant Services is safe for use on metal and any material that can safely be washed with water — even dishes, glassware, silverware, cooking utensils and any equipment that comes in contact with food.

Add this colorless, completely soluble liquid to water in the recommended concentration for its intended use, then fill a no-touch automatic dispenser or directly into the sanitization station of a three- compartment sink for food-service and restaurant industry use. DSQ 10 can be
applied to floors, walls, work stations and equipment or used on cooking utensiles and clean dishes and silverware for protective sanitization.

DSQ 10 Disinfectant Services
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