Frequently asked questions

Will MSS prevent mold growth from coming back?

Yes, MSS™ provides a preventative coating that inhibits future growth.

Is a combination of MSS™ Disinfectant and Surface Protector effective against microbes?


How is MSS™ different from other treatments?

MSS™ does not leach into the atmosphere and does not permit organisms to adapt to it.

How long does it last?

The Surface Protector forms a near permanent, environmentally friendly, protective shield on almost any surface. The Surface Protector's durability is similar to that of a coat of paint. When sprayed on walls or other low-touch surfaces, it will last for years. If it is sprayed on a surface that experiences high traffic, like carpet, or is continually exposed to high pH chemicals, we recommend that the application be applied every 90 days to maintain adequate protection.

Is there an odor or change the feel of surfaces?

No. The application has no harmful or objectionable odors and the microscopic layer of protection is invisible and imperceptible to touch.

Is there a way to determine if the protective coating is present and working on a surface?

Yes. You may use these test strips.

Is the treatment safe for use on all surfaces?

Generally speaking, yes. We can discreetly pre-test any questionable or extremely sensitive surfaces to determine if our products will adversely affect them, but our technology has bonded safely to almost every surface that we have encountered.

How is it possible that our treatment keeps working, month after month when other treatments are only temporary?

Due to the mechanical nature of our protective technology, nothing is lost or given up as it functions. Since it does not lose anything of its essence, its efficacy does not diminish.

Are there times when I have to reapply?

Assuming that the surface is kept clean and not abused, our protection will last for 90 days. Some people like to have technicians reapply to high touch surfaces such as door knobs or areas that have compromised in some way sooner than the 90 days

How long does it take to perform our process?

That varies greatly, depending on the volume of space, the amount of objects present and the level of protection that you wish to achieve. Simple applications can be completed within a few hours, while other, more labor-intensive jobs may take several days.

How soon after treatment can I enter and use the treated space?

If the treatment is limited to hard surfaces, you can re-enter the premises within an hour or so. When carpeting or other soft surfaces have been treated, we usually suggest waiting a few hours for the fabric to dry.

What is MSS?

Microbial Suppression System (MSS). Our systems use EPA registered products that eliminate the presence of bacteria, microbes, fungi, and mold. It creates a submicroscopic molecular coating that inhibits the growth of microorganisms and helps prevent the growth and spread of bacteria and the formation of fomites. This durable nano-coating can provide lasting antimicrobial protection for up to 90 days, and is suitable for use in porous and non-porous surfaces, allowing quick and efficient service to commercial and industrial applications.

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