How is it used?

Protect large areas such as hospitals, and industrial or commercial areas. The unique application system uses a special sprayer to create and apply antimicrobial nanoparticles onto hard, porous and irregular surfaces.

Application of the MSS system is quick and easy:



Desinfect  the surface to be treated with our Smart Touch Disinfectant or any other EPA List N approved disinfectant . SmartTouch Disinfectant is an EPA registered hospital grade cleaner. Utilizing a unique chemical formulation that includes natural elements, SmartTouch Disinfectant spreads and penetrates both hard and porous surfaces. Ready to use (No Mixing Required), it has been field tested and shown to eliminate a broad range of viruses and bacteria including superbugs like MRSA and H1N1. With no harmful byproducts, just spray, wipe or fog directly from the bottle. It is non-irritating to the skin and non-corrosive to surfaces.

Treat the surface with enough disinfectant to ensure adequate coverage across the entire surface.


Apply MSS Surface Protector. An odorless, surface binding barrier of protection against disease-causing microbes.

Protection from microbes is complete! Because the cured antimicrobial is non-volatile, insoluble, and also non-leaching, the treatment could last up to 90 days

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