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NanoVapor Biotech leverages years of experience in nanotechnology to repel and mitigate microbes on the surfaces we use every day.

Our patented anti-microbial nano-coating solutions kill and inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and algae, protecting surfaces for far longer than cleaning and disinfecting alone.

We help business all over the world protect the counters, chairs, pews, doors and any other surfaces that see high levels of human contact. Our products are proven effective in protecting medical facilities, public transportation, schools, government offices, shopping centers, theaters, auditoriums, schools, and churches. We believe in providing transparent information to our partners and empowering them with solutions that help keep the public safe.

Our History


NanoVapor, Inc. is a Texas-based company on a mission to provide a safer, faster and cleaner solutions. Our systems have been adapted for use in the transportation industry, and our suppression technology has been identified as a best practice standard.



Our Omnisol family of products solution acts as an invisible shield that obstructs the growth of microbes and helps prevent the growth and spread of   bacteria.


How it Works


The Omnisol solution is atomized through electrostatic sprayers and foggers. Although invisible to the human eye, micron-sized droplets contain a molecular structure that bonds to almost any surface – forming an invisible shield that provides continuous residual  activity for up to 90 days.

Surface Cleanliness

Disease-causing microorganisms can stay alive on surfaces for hours or even days. Most chemical disinfectants generally lose their effectiveness soon after they are applied. This makes it nearly impossible to decontaminate and protect surfaces over a long period of time, especially where large numbers of people are concentrated or in transit.

To reduce the spread of disease by surface touch, chemical disinfection would need to be applied constantly. This approach is not only impractical, that many chemicals in a short amount of time would be toxic to the public. Our innovative solutions create an invisible shield that obstructs the growth of microbes and helps prevent the growth and spread of  bacteria and viruses for long periods of time without reapplication.

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