Update: OMNISOL PLUS approved by EPA as a List-N disinfectant, effective against COVID-19 virus

April 27, 2021

When used as a ready to use spray, OMNISOL PLUS has been approved as an effective disinfectant against Human Coronavirus, Strain 229 E (ATCC VR740).

EPA expects the products on List N to kill SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, because they:

  1. Demonstrate efficacy against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19);
  2. Demonstrate efficacy against a pathogen that is harder to kill than SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19); or
  3. Demonstrate efficacy against a different human coronavirus similar to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

OMNISOL PLUS is a cleaner, fungicide, virucide, and deodorizer all in one. Unlike traditional disinfectants, OMNISOL PLUS also contains an antimicrobial agent effective against the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Eliminates 99.9% of Human Coronavirus, Strain 229 E, and Avian Influenza A (H5N1) on hard, non-porous environmental surfaces.

Effective against MRSA, & proven fungicidal efficacy against Trychophyton Mentagrophytes.

Bacteriostatic, fungistatic, algaestatic.

As with any EPA-registered product, always carefully read the label and only use the product as described in its directions.

Click here for a copy of the Technical Data Sheet for OMNISOL PLUS, if you want a copy of the Master Label please contact us.

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